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MPMET - Madhya Pradesh Management Entrance Test FAQs

What is MPMET?
Who conducts MPMET?
When is MPMET conducted?
Where is MPMET conducted?
How to apply for MPMET?
What is the structure of MPMET paper?

 Eligibility Criteria and Marks related:

What is the eligibility for MPMET?
Do I have to be a graduate from a premier college?
I have done my diploma. Can I apply for an MBA?

 Preparation Related :

How does one develop aptitude for Math and English?
How does one analyze performance?
How does one increase reading speed and verbal ability?

 B-School Admissions Related:

How important are my application forms?
What do you mean by percentile and percentage?
Does a candidate get calls only on the basis of cutoffs?
Does work experience increase chances of making it to a reputed school?
What is the duration of the test?
Which B-schools which accept ICET score?

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